We are car accessory manufacturers

Erma has been manufacturing carpets, seat covers, back rests, and other interior and exterior comfort accessories for cars, since 1978. Throughout all of our processes we apply the quality demanded by our customers in order to offer modern, technologically advanced products.

Our objective

Erma's aim is to respond to the needs of our customers by the use of cutting-edge technology and an efficient management model. All of this whilst remaining true to the concept of continuous improvement, allowing us to strive for excellence in our activities. It is precisely this last characteristic which has made us one of the leading car accessory manufacturers.

Our customers

Erma always bears two fundamental concepts in mind: renewal and evolution. Taking into account the sector in which we operate, Erma has always been a dynamic company capable of adapting to the changes demanded by the market, whilst staying in close touch with our customers.

Throughout all of this time our organisation has grown, though our "hands on" approach with our customers has remained unaffected, offering them everything that they may require of us. It is this philosophy which sets us apart, guaranteeing an optimal service and personalised customer care.